The Best Kidult Activities In Metro Vancouver For Big Kids

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Activities In Metro Vancouver

They say age is just a number and if you’re young at heart—chances are, you will probably get some enjoyment out of doing some of these activities.

Best Kidult Activities In Metro Vancouver


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Rainbow Roadsters

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A classic activity that is fun at every age and whoever you’re with. Whether it’s with a group of friends or for a date, it’ll bring out your competitive side and lots of laughs along the way. Richmond has two awesome go-kart tracks—one indoors and one outdoors, so give it a shot.

Gun Range

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#indoor #gunshooting Had so much fun 👀

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Speaking of giving things a shot, here’s a fun adult activity that’ll get your blood pumping. Metro Vancouver has lots of gun ranges including DVC Indoor Shooting Centre, where you can pick out the gun and even some fun targets to shoot at like zombies—you can never be too prepared for an apocalypse.

Rope Swing At The Beach

Find this hidden gem around Kitsilano Beach Park, where a rope beach swing sits overlooking the water. It’s tucked away and part of the fun is discovering exactly where it is, because it’s kind of a secret.

Escape Room

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a watery grave

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It’s like an adult version of hide-and-seek with some twists. SmartyPantz and i-Exit are some great escape rooms to take on with a bunch of friends, the more the merrier. And you’ll definitely feel like a kid again trying to work together to solve the mystery.

Trampoline Park

Head to Extreme Air Park, with locations in Richmond, Langley and New West to bring out the inner kid in you. Equipped with various trampolines to bounce on and some trampoline basketball and dodgeball courts—you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Plus, you get to land in a giant foam pit.

Greenheart Tree Walk

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Couldn't find Tarzan so Mark will have to do

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This serene spot is located at UBC Botanical Garden. It features a number of small walkways suspended from the lush trees, which will bring you right back to your childhood treehouse days.

Alpaca Farm

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cutest lil alpaca babes 🦙

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Spending time with animals brings out the best in everyone. Check out this Alpaca Farm in Langley to feel the excitement you once did as a kid at a petting zoo.

Castle Fun Park

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Life, uhh, finds a way 🦖

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One thing is for sure—you’re never too old for arcade games, mini golf, batting cages and go-karting. This spot in Abbotsford has got it all.

FlyOver Canada

It’s a virtual flying experience that’ll make you feel like a child. With scents released into the air and water spraying on your face, it actually feels like you’re being taken on a journey across the country.

Back And Forth Bar

A ping pong bar is all you need if you’re an adult with some child-like tendencies. You can drink and play some ping pong with friends at this fun eatery.

Hit The Rides At Playland

Nothing beats an amusement park to feel like a kid again. Playland is the perfect idea if you’re a bit of a thrill-seeker and want to go on rollercoasters or rides that make you dizzy. Or you can just grab some greasy spoon eats and play the carnival games—no one is ever too old for that. In addition, Playland even hosts ‘adult nights’ in the summer!

Go Bowling

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Bowling . . #revs #strike #10pin #vancity

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A classic date night activity or just a fun day out with friends. If you haven’t done it in awhile—you should definitely go. It’s just as fun as you remember from childhood. Go bowling in the dark for an even better time.

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