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Escape Room Venues In Vancouver

vancouver escape room

What are you doing tonight? Why not get locked in a room and try to escape?

The 5-dimensional gaming activity imported from Asia continues to gain popularity across the West. The escape room experience locks participants in a themed room where they generally have to complete a series of tasks or solve a mystery to escape.

Escape rooms have popped up throughout Metro Vancouver, can you escape them all? Here are popular ones located in Vancouver:

Locked Canada currently has 5 themes running with more on the way for groups of 2 to 8 people, located at 200 – 1050 Kingsway.

i-Exit Downtown Vancouver provides the escape room experience on the Granville strip 7 days a week from 3pm ‘til midnight. There are 4 different themed rooms for groups of 2 to 6 people, located at 1129 Granville Street.

GUESS HQ offers an Elite Ops membership with discounts on replay attempts and other perks. The facility features 2 different missions for groups of 2 to 8 people, located at 150 West Hastings.

E-Exit West Broadway has 4 different themed rooms with varying difficulty levels for keen first-timers and seasoned escapees. For groups of 2 to 6 people, located at 309 West Broadway.

SmartyPantz in Gastown boasts “movie set quality” rooms offered across 5 different themes. For groups of 4 to 15 people, located at #100 – 289 Abbott Street

Find and Seek is designed as a puzzle adventure for groups of 2 to 10 people, located at 88 West Pender Street on the 2nd floor of Tinseltown Mall.

Did your favourite escape room close or did we miss a new one? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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