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B.C. Sets New High For Cannabis Sales During The Pandemic

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B.C. is seeing record-high sales in cannabis, with sales breaking $23.5 million in March, alone. That number is eight times more than the March 2019 rate, which sat at $2.84 million.

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However, there were several factors that play into B.C.’s uptick in sales, according to Statistics Canada.


Some factors include the rise in legal stores with fewer black-market shops in B.C. There are also newly legal product categories, like edibles, and improved product quality.

In addition, many people stocked up on product in March as the government began to add restrictions amid the pandemic.

But it turns out, B.C. aren’t the only ones who recently upped their dosage.

Canada nearly tripled its average sales for March, after spending $181.1 million on legal cannabis in March, compared to $60.9 million.

Canadians reacted the same with alcohol, as liquor sales went up by 40% in March. Sex toy sales also went up by 135% in recent months.

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