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Recycle, Recycle, Recycle: BC Bottle Deposits Set To Double Beginning November

Recycling Deposits Double

Photo: Return-It / Facebook

As a way to increase the incentive to recycle in B.C., deposits will double next month, from 5 to 10 cents for every container returned.

“B.C. is already a leader when it comes to protecting our environment and being at the forefront of industry product stewardship,” said Allen Langdon, president and CEO of Return-It, in a news release Wednesday. “The increase we are announcing today is an important step forward to optimize our system and increase recovery rates.”

So as of November 1, B.C. recyclers will receive a 10 cent refund for all non-alcoholic drink containers. That includes bottles for soft drinks, juice, water, sports drinks, and energy drinks.

These make up about 80% of recycling to Return-It every year, equalling about 1 billion containers.

To get the deposit, residents must drop off their recycling at a Return-It depot or retail location.

But, of course, keep in mind that “recycle” comes last after “reduce” and “reuse.”

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