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Vancouverites Aren’t Doing Too Well When It Come To Recycling


When it comes to recycling, Vancouverites aren’t that great.

Metro Vancouver, the federation of 21 municipalities, one Electoral Area and one Treaty First Nation that collaboratively plans for and delivers regional-scale services, is giving this issue the attention it needs.

According to a report presented at its sewerage and drainage board of directors last week, “the region diverted 63% of all the municipal solid waste generated (a slight improvement from 62% in 2016)”. Despite the minor improvement, the rate isn’t where it should be.


The construction and demolition sector had the highest diversion rate of 77%, whereas the single-family residential sector diverted 62%, the multi-family residential sector diverted 31%, and the commercial and institutional sector diverted 48%” continues the report.

Metro Vancouver outlined initiatives to achieve diversion rates of 70% by 2015 and 80% by 2020, but it remains to be seen if that goal can be meet.

When it comes to recycling, the region is slowly improving.

It is estimated that 2.23 million tonnes of materials were recycled rather than disposed compared to 2.04 million tonnes recycled in 2016.

As for per capita waste disposal, we’re ahead of some other Canadian cities. Per capita waste disposal in 2017 was 0.51 tonnes per person, up from 0.49 tonnes in 2016. However, per capita disposal in Metro Vancouver “continues to be well below the national average of 0.71 tonnes per person per year”.


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