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Repairing The Iconic White Rock Pier Could Cost As Much As $16 Million

White Rock Pier

Photo: @psymediumleanda / Twitter

It’s going to cost a lot more than originally expected to repair the iconic White Rock Pier that was destroyed during the devastating December windstorm.

Earlier this month, Mayor Walker said that a new pier would likely cost over $5 million and would open in the latter part of August.

However, a new report estimates those repair costs to be much higher.

White Rock’s engineering department estimates that the repairs will cost anywhere between $14 and $16 million.

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White Rock Pier
Photo: City of White Rock

Of these amounts, “approximately $4.6M (steel pile and concrete deck option) and $4.2M (timber pile and deck option) relate to immediate repairs” reads the report.

These figures were provided to the city by Westmar Advisors.

The White Rock Pier is insured for approximately $7 million and depending on the details of the policy and cost components, it is understood that more or less than that may be recoverable through the policy.

The remaining amount not covered by insurance will need to be financed by other funding sources, such as grants and/or other City funds.

City officials are aiming to have the White Rock Pier re-open by the end of August, but it remains unclear if that will actually happen.


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