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White Rock Beach May Offer Free Parking As Closed Pier Crushes Business Sales

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Free parking, anyone?

The White Rock Business Improvement Association is preparing to present a plan to council for temporary free parking around the pier.

The pier, that was destroyed during a windstorm, has taken a blow on the businesses along the strip. According to Mayor Darryl Walker, it may not reopen until late summer.

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White Rock Free Parking

The area is known to struggle during the off-season and the damaged pier isn’t exactly helping matters.

Alex Nixon, Executive Director of the White Rock BIA says it’s been difficult for members to make their lease payments.

“It’s just startling to see the damage to the pier, and I think that brought into focus some of the real challenges the business are facing,” he says.

The Association hopes temporary free parking will attract more traffic to businesses on Marine Drive.

White Rock Coun. Helen Fathers is hoping the council will approve a trial period.

“I think it’s been pretty devastating for merchants down there, and I do think that critical times call for critical measures,” she says.

Fathers’ says perhaps suspending paid parking for a little while might encourage more people to visit  and help businesses.

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