New Basketball Court Mural is the First Of Its Kind In Vancouver

New Basketball Court Mural is the First Of Its Kind In Vancouver

A new basketball court mural is now complete and is the first of its kind in the city. Instead of covering a building’s exterior, it covers the floor of the locally renowned Mount Pleasant basketball court.

The art installation is inspired by various basketball court murals in different cities around the world, including the Italian city of Alessandria, where a court was transformed into a visual playing ground of abstract shape and colour by the Sicilian artist Gue. In addition, the project also borrows inspiration from the Stanton Street court in New York, created for Nike’s New York Made campaign.

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About the Mural

The Vancouver Park Board approved a $35,000 budget to fund the new basketball court mural, a project proposed by the Vancouver Mural Festival team. A core focus of Vancouver Mural Festival is to create place-making projects. Not only do these projects allow locals to connect with the diverse culture found within the city through art but are also great forms of expression for Vancouver locals and artists.

For this particular project, youth assisted in the painting process. This brought community members together by way of creativity. In addition, this project is one that requires continued maintenance to ensure court safety and durability. The project’s ongoing upkeep, allows it to maintain an ever-lasting presence in Vancouver, making it a continued source of pride for the community. 

Artist and Design

basketball court mural vancouver

Photo: Vancouver Park Board

Especially relevant, Vancouver local and Mount Pleasant court regular, Scott Sueme, is the artist who took on this project. In the past, he collaborated with Nike, Lululemon and the NBA. Today, one of his major pieces is seen on the Hootsuite Offices on Main Street. The Hootsuite building was transformed by a wrap around mural titled “Box of Crayons” completed for the inaugural mural festival.

In addition, Sueme specializes in abstract designs influenced highly by graffiti art. The design of the Mount Pleasant Park mural is one of abstract shapes and cool tones of green and blue. The mural’s theme is fluidity and reflects the park’s history and current use. It captures the fluidity of movement in basketball blending it with the fluidity of water in the park and the fluidity of tranquility. 

The new mural demonstrates the Vancouver Park Boards support of the intermingling of art and sport in addition to culture. It is a testimony to the understanding that all three elements can co-exist within a single space. Not only will this mural provide a new experience but will also contribute to Vancouver’s ever-growing vibrant art and culture scene. It is a civic landmark the city can take pride in for years to come.


Address: 3161 Ontario Street

The basketball court mural is located in what is known as Vancouver’s mural district within the scenic Mount Pleasant Park. The recently reconditioned park is a common gathering space for locals to immerse themselves within their community. Here Vancouverites can enjoy new park features like playgrounds, a skate area, community garden and picnic areas.

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