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8 Ridiculously Cute Animals Being A Tourist In Their Own Aquarium (VIDEOS)

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There’s been an influx of cute animal content lately to help get us through life in quarantine.

Like many businesses, aquariums and zoos have shuttered amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there have been no human visitors lately, staff members are getting the animals out to explore the virtually empty facilities and all the different species within it. And luckily for us, they’ve heavily documented it.

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Cute Animals Exploring Their Surroundings

Vancouver Aquarium


Our very own Vancouver Aquarium released this video of their penguins waddling their way through the galleries. It’s hard to tell what they’re thinking but it’s probably: “Just smile and wave, boys”…if they’re anything like the penguins from “Madagascar.”

Georgia Aquarium


A couple of good boys (or girls) visited the Georgia Aquarium for a fun day out. These puppies from the Atlanta Humane Society were given a new lease on life when they got the opportunity to explore the building while it is closed to members of the public.


Shedd Aquarium


This Chicago aquarium has been giving its penguins free-run of the facility. This little guy named Wellington was particularly fascinated by the belugas and the feeling seems to be mutual.

Mystic Aquarium


This harbour seal named Cork seems to be absolutely ecstatic to get the opportunity to explore the main floor of the aquarium for the first time.


Detroit Zoo


The penguins at Detroit Zoo are also on the loose—getting to explore all parts of the property on their own. Pickles can be seen here practicing social distancing.

Maryland Zoo


One lucky duck soaked up the opportunity to explore the Maryland Zoo and of course, went straight to the penguin exhibit.


Cincinnatti Zoo


Sir Francis Bacon went for a stroll and got to see a lot of different animals along the way, including these curious meerkats.

San Diego Zoo


Finally, here is an enthusiastic Coati (who is a little more interested in the treats) but is also relishing in the moment to meet a new gorilla friend.

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