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These Virtual Rides Bring The Magic of Disney World To Your Couch (VIDEO)

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Photo: CoasterForce / YouTube

While we’re all stuck inside as a measure to flatten the curve, Disney World is bringing its magic to us.

Florida’s amusive park is offering you the chance to experience 12 of its rides through virtual reality.

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This Youtube playlist features a dozen rides through first-person views, so it feels like you’re actually experiencing it for yourself.

Virtual Disney World Rides


Slinky Dog Dash

If you’re a fan of Toy Story, you’re in for a thrill while rolling and screaming on the back of this Slinky coaster.

It’s a Small World

This is a classic, so sit back and enjoy it, but be prepared – you may get the song stuck in your head after this.


Splash Mountain

Here, you can take a dive on this rollercoaster, without getting splashed. You can even take a photo with your roommates to recreate a ride photo.

Expedition Everest

If you love rollercoasters, then check out this Animal Kingdom ride, where you’ll drop at a great distance and even go backwards.

Mad Tea Party

This is for the fans of Alice in Wonderland, as you can spin back and forth in these giant teacups.


Big Thunder Mountain Ride

The Big Thunder Mountain Ride is full of twists and fast turns, as it’s known as “the wildest ride in the wilderness.” Put this on the screen and you’ll start to feel as if you’re right there at Disney World.

So, if you’re feeling restless because you’re stuck inside, Disney World is there to transport you.

Rise Of The Resistance

Bump into some of your favourite Star Wars characters including Kylo Ren, Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron and many more!

For other things to do while we social distance, check out these museums offering free virtual tours.

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