Winter Is Coming: Weather Network’s Seasonal Forecast Calls For “Harsh” Winter

Harsh Weather ahead

Canadians should be ready to brace for the cold this year, as we’re expected to have “harsh” winter weather ahead.

Most of Canada will see a “classic Canadian winter,” as things start to get colder, reported the Weather Network, Monday.

November has already brought historically early snowfall in southern Ontario and the Prairies, which will continue throughout the winter.

It’ll be stormy throughout Quebec and Ontario with colder than normal temperatures.

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But as usual, us British Columbians are the envy of the country.

The B.C. coast and much of Northern B.C. can expect a mild winter with near normal temperatures.

We’re also expected to see less rain than usual. However, when it does come, expect several weeks’ worth of precipitation hit us at once in a 5 to 10 day spans.

Ski conditions will also be favourable in B.C. regions with slightly higher temperatures.

However, the North coast region will receive above average rainfall and alpine snow.

When the rain comes, however, there are still plenty of things to do in the city. We’ve identified 15, actually. And while snow may be troublesome, it also makes for a great atmosphere creator, particular when it comes to Christmas events, whether it be at Grouse Mountain or the Butchart Gardens.

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