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MAP: How To Access The Single Lane White Rock Beach Strip This Summer

white rock beach map

Photo: @WhiteRockBia / Facebook

It’s official. Marine Drive is down to one-way traffic this summer, and many are wondering how they can access White Rock Beach? without getting stuck in traffic.

Single lane traffic came into effect on June 7th, and was implemented for patios to extend onto Marine Drive. This will allow restaurants to serve more customers and help recover from the lack of business the previous year.

However, this change has brought on some concerns about the high traffic area. Even with two lanes the strip can often become a highly congested area. Now that it’s down to one, things could get ugly for motorists. Fortunately, the White Rock Business Improvement Association (WBIA) has put together a map and set of details outlining the best routes to take. There are also some shortcuts to access the parking along the promenade.

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How To Access White Rock Beach Parking

white rock beach map
Photo: @WhiteRockBia / Facebook

West Beach Parkade

This is a multi-level parking lot located at 14935 Victoria Ave. The parkade hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (midnight), and the hourly rate is around $3.75 or $15.00 for the day. A sign is usually posted on the street and at the entrance to indicate whether the lot is full. It’s important to note that it’s not directly on the strip but within walking distance. It’ll also likely help prevent you from getting stuck in any traffic.

Coming from 8 Avenue, Surrey

People coming from 8 Avenue / Marine Drive will likely want to access West Beach Parking. You can do this by driving:

  • turn right on Maple Street
  • then turn left on Columbia Avenue
  • follow Columbia Avenue until it turns into Victoria Avenue
  • then park in the West Beach Parkade on the right at Victoria and Vidal, or continue onto Vidal and turn right to access West Beach’s Marine Drive parking lots, or turn left onto marine drive to access the easternmost West Beach parking lot or carry on to East Beach.

Coming from Uptown White Rock

Those coming from Uptown White Rock will also likely want to access West Beach Parking, and can do so by:

  • going straight south on Johnston Road
  • following to where it intersects Columbia Avenue
  • see above from that point (Columbia Avenue turns into Victoria Avenue)

East Beach Waterfront Parking Lots

This is the outdoor parking spaces along Marine Drive between Balsam Street and Finley Street. The hourly rate is usually $3.75 with certain stalls limited to 4 hours.

Coming from the East side of White Rock

For people coming from the east, the best option for parking is to access East Beach parking lots. You can do this by driving and:

  • turning right onto Maple Street
  • then turning left onto Victoria Avenue
  • then turn left onto Balsam Street
  • and left again to access East Beach’s Marine Drive parking lots.


You can also look at the map to view inside streets and potential shortcuts that work for you. While it may seem like a bit more planning to get to the beach this summer, the map helps navigate the new changes and avoid major traffic.


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