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Explore The Most Whimsical Hiking Trails In British Columbia

whimsical hiking

Photo: Enchanted Forest

Beautiful British Columbia has an abundance of lush greenery, cascading waterfalls and quirky little trails filled with hidden gems every step of the way.

Add a little bit of whimsy to your hike by exploring these magical trails sprinkled across the province.

Whimsical Hiking Trails In BC


Spirit Trail, Harrison Hot Springs


Discover dozens of beautifully hand-carved wooden and clay masks nestled throughout the trail. The one-kilometer trek leads you through a loop around the forest to take in the pristine scenery and unique artwork. The masks were created by a Harrison local named Ernie Eaves—a retired highschool woodshop teacher. About eight years ago, he started placing the masks throughout what was then an abandoned trail. It’s now a common tourist attraction and a place for locals to wander amongst nature.

Wacky Woods, Fanny Bay


An amusing place to go for an adventure that features one artist’s work. Uncover George Sawchuk’s artwork across the four-acres of the woods. After working in the logging industry for 30 years, Sawchuk was injured and left with a lot of time on his hands. He used this time to create pieces that he scattered across his property. While he died in 2012, his art remains and Wacky Woods is a popular place for travellers of all ages to visit.

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Enchanted Forest, Revelstoke


Perhaps the most magical of trails you could possibly take. The forest is what fairytales are made of, literally. The charming hidden gem is has over 350-handcrafted fairy figurines hidden amongst the trees and along the forest floor. It’s a great place for children or all those who are young at heart. Revelstoke artist Doris Needham created the figurines from cement back in the 1950s. It also has a castle, dungeon, and a treehouse that rises 50-feet into the forest canopy. Discover tons of nursery rhymes and beloved fairytale characters here.


Teapot Hill, Chilliwack


Take this brief hike to a stunning view of Cultus Lake and Columbia Valley. The 5-km trail features charming little teapots throughout. A logger first discovered a teapot along the trail back in the 1940s, giving it its name. Since then, hikers passing through have been adding more and more teapots for others to discover on their journey.

Trinket Trail, Sunshine Coast


Known as being a giant geocache, hikers can take a trinket they pick up as a souvenir, and leave one behind for someone else to find. The 5.5-km trail also has a quirky Troll Alley, which features dozens of trolls hanging from the trees. It’s a popular place to spend an afternoon leisurely exploring the outdoors and little treasures nestled along the way.

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