The Most Lush Hikes To Explore Along The Sunshine Coast Trail

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sunshine coast trail

Lush forests, scenic trails, serene lakes—the beauty of the great outdoors. If you’re looking to escape the city, hop on a ferry and discover the various routes along the Sunshine Coast Trail.

The Sunshine Coast Trail is the longest hut-to-hut hiking trail in all of Canada. The trail stretches over an impressive 180-kms, just waiting to be explored.

You can tackle the entire trail for one epic multi-day trek, where you can spend the night for free in huts situated throughout. There are 12 huts in total, and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Just in case, there are campsites nearby to pitch up a tent.

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The trail is accessible all year-round, spanning from Sarah Point in Desolation Sound, across Powell River, to the stunning Saltery Bay.

If a multi-day hike is too much to commit to, there’s plenty of shorter routes along the Sunshine Coast Trail to take on.

Hikes To Explore Along The Sunshine Coast Trail

Appleton Canyon

Happy #waterfallwednesday! Appleton Canyon along the Sunshine Coast Trail

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An easier trail running only 2.1-kms and takes roughly an hour to complete. You will pass a series of cascading waterfalls along the route, including the popular Sylph and Gorge Falls.

Mount Troubridge

The advanced hike will take you from Rainy Day Lake to Mount Troubridge. The 11-km hike is about an 8-hour trek round trip. Once you reach the summit, you will have spectacular views of the area. Mount Troubridge is the highest point you can reach on the Sunshine Coast Trail. If you need a break, there’s a quaint little cabin you can spend a night in at Rainy Day Lake.

Wednesday Lake

went to wednesday lake for the first time 👌🏼

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Travel from Lund to the pristine Wednesday Lake. The route is considered easy, and takes about 3-hours to complete roundtrip. The best part is you can cool down by going for a dip in the lake, a popular swimming spot along the Sunshine Coast Trail.

Haywire Bluff

The hike is considered moderate and takes about 2 hours roundtrip. The best part about this trail is being encompassed by breathtaking panoramic views.

Trinket Trail

A whimsical 5.5-km trail that is described as being a giant geocache, with quirky trinkets hidden along the way. Bring a trinket with you to add to the trail, and take one home as a souvenir. After traveling 2.5-kms into the trail, you will come across Troll Alley, with dozens of trolls handing from trees. It starts from Southview Road and goes up to Bunster Bluffs. The entire trail takes about 3-4 hours to complete.

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