Here’s What Drive-In Concerts in B.C. Could Look Like (PHOTOS)

drive in concert

It may be a bit of a blow that we can’t experience big events this summer, but drive-in concerts could be the next best thing.

With social distancing rules in place, the public can’t gather in groups larger than 50 people – which means putting off events like Vancouver Pride and the PNE for 2020.

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And while holding virtual events is one option for working around the new rule, some organizers are turning to drive-in concerts.

Fort Langley is planning to turn its Summerset Music and Arts Festival into a drive-in event, by hosting a concert where people can stay in their cars to watch and listen.

That type of event has already happened in Denmark, with singer-songwriter Mads Langer. People tuned in to the designated FM radio channel and watched the show from afar.

drive in concert

Photo: @madslanger / IG

drive in concert

Photo: @madslanger / IG

Meanwhile, Germany hosted a drive-in rave last month, where there was a DJ. About 500 people came out in their cars and stayed in their cars.

Meanwhile, drive-in movies are making a popular return, with Hot Tub Cinema hosting events in July, as well as Twilight Drive-in Theatre.

So, would you pay to see a drive-in concert? Let us know in the comments below!

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