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We’re Doing It Wrong: Halloween Should Not Be On October 31st Every Year

Why Is Halloween On October 31st?

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We’re doing it wrong. Halloween should not be on October 31st every single year.

Sure, it makes it easier to remember, but does it make it easier to celebrate?

(We’re assuming that you don’t think Halloween is a ridiculous “holiday.” That’s a subject for a different day/article.)

Yes, there is an origin story that ties Halloween to October 31st. But sticking to that date seems more and more unnecessary considering how close we stick to the sentiment behind the day. (Answer: not very close at all.)

That’s about the only argument for keeping Halloween on October 31st every year.

Here’s why we shouldn’t.

What do people — kids, teens, adults — do on Halloween? They go out, at night, and oftentimes late into the evening.

What does the affect? The next day.

That isn’t much of a problem if November 1st falls on a weekend. However, it often does not, which means people are tired, or hungover, or both, the next morning. They’ll probably be less attentive in school. They’ll probably be less productive at work.

It’s not particularly great for anybody.

So why not change it?

Halloween should be the last Friday (or Saturday) of October.

Everyone will enjoy it more and it’s not that hard to remember.

Let’s make it happen.

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