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The Best of Vancouver’s Worst Drivers: September 2019

Vancouver's Worst Drivers - cab driver in Richmond

Photo: Submitted to 604 Now

Another month, another batch of bad driving from Vancouver’s worst drivers.

They’re somewhat common occurrences, although it’s possible that it might just appear that way due to sheer number of cameras out and about.

We’re not calling any drivers out; we’re calling out the bad driving. Hopefully it encourages people to be more alert of the environment when they’re out on the road, and hopefully it encourages drivers to practice safe-driving methods.

Here we go: Vancouver’s worst drivers, from the month of September.

  1. Cab Driver In Vancouver Decides To Drive In Downtown Bike Lane (VIDEO)
  2. Road Rage Leads To Street Fight On Vancouver’s Robson Street (VIDEO)
  3. Surrey RCMP Officer Parks In Handicap Spot, Allegedly Gives Pedestrian Attitude
  4. Taxi Driver Cuts Off Driver, Exits Car, and Threatens Driver (VIDEO)
  5. This Is What Biking In Vancouver Really Looks Like (VIDEO)
  6. Justin Trudeau Campaign Bus Gets Stuck In BC Parking Lot (VIDEO)
  7. Car Spotted Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road Near YVR Airport (VIDEO)
  8. Car Runs Red Light & Nearly Gets Hit By Three Other Vehicles (VIDEO)
  9. Truck Ends Up Atop Hill After a Crash In Delta (VIDEO)
  10. Driver Makes Left Turn, Changes Mind Halfway & Veers Back (VIDEO)

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