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Taxi Driver Cuts Off Driver, Exits Car, and Threatens Driver (VIDEO)

Vancouver's Worst Drivers - cab driver in Richmond

Photo: Submitted to 604 Now

It’s incidents like this that make people happy that Uber & Lyft will soon be operating in Metro Vancouver. A video uploaded to YouTube shows an altercation between a taxi driver in Richmond and another motorist.

The motorist was driving in the left lane on No. 3 Road near the intersection of Bridgeport Road before he was cut off by a red Richmond Taxi car.

The taxi driver proceeds to get out of his car and approach the other driver in this incident.

He begins uttering profanities towards the driver and issuing threats.

“My hand is bigger than your stupid face,” says the male cab driver, implying an impending slap.

A few seconds later, the cab driver proceeds to get back in his car and drive away without any physical altercation.

It is unclear at this moment if the taxi company or the Richmond RCMP have been made aware of this video or not.

This comes after an intense road rage instance earlier this month, in which a full-on street fight in the middle of Robson Street stopped traffic.


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