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Vancouver, British Columbia’s Worst Drivers: July 2019 Edition

Vancouver BC Worst Drivers - Richmond driver

Photo: Stephanie Sarantidis‎ / Facebook

We here at 604 Now cover bad driving incidents somewhat regularly.

They’re unfortunately common occurrences, and with cameras being as pervasive as they are nowadays, much of it is captured on tape.

We don’t cover them to call out the drivers. We cover them so Vancouverites are aware of the things that happen on our roads.

Our hope, then, is that this encourages people to be more alert of their surroundings when they’re on the road and practice safe-driving methods. They’re also kind of entertaining, in a WTF kind of way.

With that being said, here are the best of Vancouver, British Columbia’s worst drivers.

  1. Woman Drives Her Car Down Stairs At Downtown Vancouver Hotel (VIDEO)
  2. Driver Decides To Make Horrendous Right Turn From The Left Lane (VIDEO)
  3. Two Sports Cars Spin Out Of Control & Crash On Busy Surrey Highway (VIDEO)
  4. Vehicle Drives In Bike Lane To Cut Through Traffic (VIDEO)
  5. Dashcam Footage Shows Car Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road (VIDEO)
  6. Car Crashes Through Bus Stop, Pole & Nearly Runs Over Woman In Surrey (VIDEO)
  7. Car Spins Out Of Control & Crashes Into Cement Barrier By YVR Airport (VIDEO)
  8. Someone Drove Their Car Right Through a Sidewalk & Into a Parking Lot (PHOTO)
  9. This Metro Vancouver Driver Actually Parked Their Car On a Sidewalk (PHOTO)
  10. This Driver Casually Decided To Take Up Four Parking Spots (PHOTO)

Stay safe, people!

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