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7 Vancouver YouTubers That Have Surpassed 500K Subscribers


Photo: High On Life SundayFundayz

What’s cooler than 100k subscribers? 500k! This diverse mix of bonafide Vancouver YouTube content creators have all passed that 500k sub milestone.

Could one of them be the next big thing? We sure hope so! In the meantime, all of them deserve to be on your radar:

High on Life

The team of friends and adventurers behind High on Life produce content to inspire others to go out and explore the world. They document their experiences on Instagram to over 1.2 million followers and on YouTube to nearly 600k subscribers.


Sarah Marie Nagel shares her holistic habits on her blog, YouTube and Instagram. Content ranges from natural beauty and health care to to recipes and vlogs.

House Gamers Airsoft

House Gamers Airsoft puts out game play, reviews and vlogs for the airsoft community. The proudly Canadian airsoft pros take pride in informing and entertaining their viewers.

Kitty Plays

Kristen aka Kitty is building an empire one game broadcast at a time. She has nearly a million followers on Twitch, over 250k followers on Instagram and a healthy 500k+ subscribers on YouTube. The creator puts out hours and hour of entertaining content in which her personality shines.

Pailin’s Kitchen

Pailin Chongchitnant is a content creator, book author, TV host and most importantly a recipe sharer. She’s been demystifying Thai cuisine on YouTube to over 600k subscribers which have watched her vidoes over 60 million times!

Allana Davison

Allana Davison is a vlogger, blogger and “anything-ogger”. She puts out new beauty, fashion and travel videos on YouTube every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. In 5 years she’s amassed over half a million subscribers and 45+ million views. She further shares her style on her beauty and lifestyle on her blog.



Gina Shkeda is the face behind GinsMakeup on YouTube which covers skin, beauty, hair and travel. The creator moved away from Vancouver in early 2018 to London and previously lived in Russia. In addition to 600k+ subs and nearly 25 million views on YouTube, the influencer has over 800k followers on Instagram.


They’re all working towards that 1 million subscriber mark which Vancouver’s Derek Gerard reached in June 2018 and Linda Dong reached in 2017.

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