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Vancouver YouTubers That Recently Became “Millionaires”

Photo: @Instagram @leendadavenue

It’s unclear exactly just how much dough every YouTuber brings in between ad revenue, sponsorships and the rest of their social media hustle. While they might not all actually be millionaires on paper, they do earn that 1 million+ count next to their channel’s Subscribe button.

That tally of a built-up audience comes with bragging rights and the coveted Gold Creator Award from YouTube.

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Photo/ YouTube – Gold Creator Award
Photo/ YouTube – Gold Creator Award

For the YouTubers, the milestone of reaching a 1 million subscriber base represents years of blood, sweat and tears. They put in serious time and creativity into producing and creating their video content for the masses.

One thing is quite clear about this handful of creators from Vancouver: they’re all making a living off doing what they love and sharing it with the world – and you can’t put a dollar figure on that.

Cheers to the newest members of the millionaires club:

Derek Gerard

Leader of the D-Squad, Derek Gerard produces a variety of challenge, reaction and wacky videos. His channel of fun, which often features his best friend Jas and sister Neela, has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. This is thanks in part to his own hilarity and desire to make everyone around him laugh.

After 10 years of film making and experimenting on the YouTube platform he hit 1 million subscribers in June 2018:


Leenda Dee

She may be from Vancouver but she makes videos all over the world. Linda Dong aka the brains behind Leenda D Productions is always evolving as a videographer and YouTuber. Her channel is a go-to for sketch comedy and collaborations with other creators.

She hit the 1 million subscriber mark in 2017 and celebrated in style right here at home.



Skallagrim shares his passion for historical arms through educational entertainment. He accomplished the 1 million subscriber mark in July 2018 and reflected on his subscriber base versus views and the YouTube platform in general:


Baylee Jae

The multi-talented Baylee Jae hit the 1 million mark on YouTube in August 2018. She shares art related videos like speed painting and tutorials. She also streams on Twitch where she grew to 60k followers around the same time.

She also has a pair of other YouTube channels for daily vlogs and art for kids with another 250k subscribers. Between the three channels, her videos have been viewed well over 170 MILLION times! Her fans celebrated the accomplishment by sharing fan art and appreciation for her work.

NCIX Tech Tips

The now defunct computer hardware and software retailer NCIX, based out of Richmond, also had a techie YouTube channel. It reached 1 million subscribers on back in November 2016:

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