15 Vancouver YouTubers To Watch Right Now

15 Vancouver YouTubers To Watch Right Now

There’s a healthy variety of original content coming out of Vancouver-based YouTubers, here are 15 of our favourites that you have to follow if you already don’t:

IFHT Films

Group of passionate filmmakers known for comical “how to” guides, mountain biking content, music videos and randomly unique sketch comedy. Check out our interview with IFHT.



“Asian Gangster” known for character bits, prank videos, gaming and regular vlogging around town.


High On Life

Vancouver-based world explorers known for documenting travel, adventure and extreme sports with stunning visuals.


Leenda D Productions

YouTube Comedian with a love for film making known for sketch comedy and collaboration videos.


Convos With My 2-Year Old

Web series of actual conversations with children re-enacted by full grown men; bath time, princess-dolls and all.


Christian LeBlanc

Travel vlogger and adventurist based out of Vancouver known for always searching for the next great place to see and document.


Laura Reid

Girlfriend and travel companion of Christian Le Blanc also known for fashion, lifestyle and DIY videos.


Peter Chao

Infamous “Chinese Guy” known for outlandish parodies, music videos, vlogs, commentaries and more.


Hoodwinked Films

Comedy duo and Canucks fans known for music videos and sketch comedy videos.


Hey Nadine

Wanderlust traveler blogger and vlogger who loves to “live, laugh and explore” known for travel and guide videos.


Bradley Friesen

Commercial helicopter pilot turned YouTuber known for breathtaking collaborative scenic videos around British Columbia.


David Brown TV

Major gamer known for game play videos with commentary as well as countdowns and lists.


Milton and Glenn Show

Local filmmakers with a funny side known for sketch comedy videos.


Miss Mikayla G

Broadcast television graduate with a personal outlet on YouTube known for beauty, lifestyle, life hack and DIY videos.


By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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