Support Local! These Vancouver YouTubers Are All Close To Hitting 500k Subs

Support Local! These Vancouver YouTubers Are All Close To Hitting 500k Subs

LA and Toronto aren’t the only creative hubs for YouTubers! Vancouver has a mix of content creators in genres like gaming, travel and beauty.

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Support local talent by subscribing to this handful of creators which are all close to hitting 500k subscribers on their YouTube channels:

Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora has amassed over 40 million views on YouTube in her decade+ vlogging on the platform. Her channel now focuses on travel advice and adventures. The nomad is based in Kelowna when not exploring and documenting the world.

IFHT Films

IFHT Films started off with the aspiring filmmakers and comedy duo of Matt and Jason almost a decade ago. The brand has evolved into a full fledged video production house with a small team. They’re known for sketch comedy, music videos and mountain biking content.


One man wrecking crew Zachary MacDonalds makes outlandish entertainment content for the masses. He’s earned over 40 million views on his channel since 2011.

Justin Tse

Justin Tse is actually based out of Victoria not Vancouver. The business student is also an entrepreneur and technology/lifestyle creator. His tech savvy and minimalist style has gained him a loyal following of fellow tech enthusiasts.

Krystal Clear Makeup

The multifaceted Krystal Sutherland shares her passion for fashion, fitness and beauty via social media. Her YouTube channel which focuses on makeup tips, tricks and reviews has over 6 million views since 2015.

Miri Lee

Vancouver-based concert pianist Miri Lee puts her classical twist on the latest pop music. Piano covers on her music channel have been heard and seen over 55 million times.

Miss Mikayala G

Broadcast grad and lifestyle YouTuber Mikayla Greenwood puts her personality into her videos which include organization, how-to tips, beauty, DIY, fashion and party planning.

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Princess Joules

Identifying as a transgender woman is just one of the many layers to Julie Vu who has documented her transition and life experiences. She also shares her passion for the makeup and fashion industries.

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Melissa Merk

Beauty, lifestyle and travel vlogger Melissa Merk is an industry titan and even a featured Much Creator. Catch her new vlogs every Monday!

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