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Vancouver Transgender Woman Shares ‘Phone Call With Dad’

Julie Vu Vancouver

Photo: Julie Van Vu / Facebook

Julie Vu shares hair and makeup tutorials like a lot of other fashion and beauty YouTubers out there. She also happens to be a transgender woman who documented her entire transition experience on social media. As an advocate for the LGBT community, the Vancouverite uses YouTube as a platform “to educate and change people’s perspective on transgender people”.

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To date, Julie’s videos have been viewed over 60 million times, under her channel Princess Joules, which include a Harley Quinn make up tutorial, unboxing of sex toys and vlogs about life as a transgender woman. Earlier this year she teamed up with Fido for the #ProudBecause campaign in the video “I’m Proud Because…” during Vancouver Pride.

More recently she put together another very personal video titled “Phone Call With Dad” which starts off with an excerpt from a phone conversation with her father about being transgender as a prelude to a poem she wrote. “A little poem I wrote! Regardless, he will always be my father and I love him even though he doesn’t understand.”

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By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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