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YouTuber Explores Downtown Vancouver Parkour Style (Video)

YouTuber Explores Downtown Vancouver Parkour Style (Video)

Parkour is one way to get around Downtown Vancouver because let’s face it… walking is boring. Even if you’re not a professional athlete or parkour enthusiast you too can experience what it’s like to pass obstacles thanks to this GoPro point-of-view video.

Jesse La Flair is known for his freerunning and parkour tutorials on YouTube which have amassed over 25 million views.  He won Best Trick at the Red Bull Art of Motion 2013 and appeared on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.

La Flair was recently in Vancouver shooting a commercial for X-Men when he decided to explore the streets on his day off with lots of flips and climbs.


Written by: Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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