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Get Acquainted With Vancouver YouTubers; IFHT

Get Acquainted With Vancouver YouTubers; IFHT

Get Acquainted With Vancouver YouTubers; IFHT

IFHT is a YouTube duo consisting of two locals who go by the names of Jason and Matt. Together, they publish a variety of skits and comedies that garner hundreds of thousands of views. One of their most popular video to date has been ‘How To Be A Vancouverite‘ which has raked in nearly 1 million views.

604 Now recently caught up with IFHT. Interview below:

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

J – My name is Jason, I’m 22 years old and I make up 50% of IFHT. Currently living in Vancouver and working full-time as an inside sales rep while making YouTube videos on the side.

M – My name is Matt, I’m twenty-two years old and I make up 1/2 of IFHT. I’m a freelance filmmaker specializing in actions sports and outdoor cinematography – specifically cycling.

How did you two get your start on Youtube? What got you into making videos regularly?

Early on, during a boring winter we were creating comedy shorts and uploading them to Facebook for our friends to enjoy. It was from the feedback of our friends that we decided to keep on making videos. Eventually we found out that there was an opportunity to upload videos to YouTube and make money from them so we gave it a shot.

Are you surprised at how successful your Youtube channel has become?

J – I would say I am more proud than surprised. When I look back at what we were creating even just two years ago and compare it to the productions we are doing now there is a clear progression in the quality of the content and the viewership reflects that. Matt and I have poured a lot of time and effort into our channel and I am very happy with where it is today.

M – I wouldn’t say surprised either. It has taken a lot of consistent hard work over the course of five years to build our brand and reputation. That’s not to say that surprising things haven’t happened to us. From videos going viral and receiving millions of views over night to producing videos in the Los Angeles YouTube Studio, many expected events and opportunities have come our way.

Which video was the most fun to make?

J – Each and every video we make is a lot of fun. From working with different talented people to the hilarious bloopers that often happen on set each video leaves a lasting impression in my memory. However, even two and a half years later and I still have to say Cat City was a ton of fun. I mean, we got to dress up as cats, rap, and play with a luxury car. It doesn’t get much better than that.

M – Cat City was a classic for us. It was definitely a test of our production skills very early on. Now, hands down my favourite video to film was “Put It In Your Pants.” Essentially, we had a $500 prop/food budget which we literally ended up putting down our pants in ultra slow motion. We also got to cover a girl in honey and dump feathers on her. Not to mention, we shot it in the YouTube Space LA and had access to all the gear a camera nerd could dream of. The clean up was not fun.

Are there any video(s) you guys are particularly proud of?

J – Cat City falls into this question as well as I can still look back on it today and enjoy it. However, more recently I am really excited about the success of our “How to be” series. Every video we do gets into the hundreds of thousands of views and while they are intensive to make the end product is more than worth it.

M – I enjoy all of our music videos. From “Your Face I Like That Shit” to “Rap Battle: Mountain Biker vs. Road Biker.” I really love producing music videos and I also have a blast performing in them as well.

Some of your videos are hilarious and extremely random. Where do you get your inspiration to make your videos from? 

J – Only some of our videos are hilarious? Kidding aside depending on the video we have drawn inspiration from other YouTube videos, popular articles or sometimes the idea starts off as a dumb joke one of us made late at night and then it turns into “Oh yeah, that’s a video”.

M – We’re inspired by anything and everything. Our inspiration has no boundaries.

Get Acquainted With Vancouver YouTubers; IFHT

Do you have any Youtubers that you look up to or find to be large influences?

Definitely. The Lonely Island have made the leap from the internet to bigger things (SNL) but while they were more active on YouTube their music videos and style of comedy were a huge influence for us and if you look at some of our music videos you will see that. More recently YouTubers like Rhett & Link, Julian Smith, The Bath Boys have all played a part in where we draw our inspiration from.

What was the best comment you’ve received on a video?

J – Honestly any comment that doesn’t say “You guys suck!” followed by a profanity is pretty great in my books. The standouts are from people that say we inspired them in some form or another. It’s pretty awesome to learn that something we created resonated with someone on that level.

M – I’m not sure, it’s hard to keep track of comments. But “fake and gay” is low on the list.

Do you have any fan moments that you would like to share?

J – Fan interaction is awesome and we always encourage our fans to say hello if they see us in the real world. Going biking in Whistler nowadays after our many popular mountain bike videos is a pretty surreal experience. We will always get other riders coming up to us to say hi, asking for autographs and in general just being super stoked to meet us.

M – My favourite moments are when I hear kids singing our songs. A few parents have told me they (jokingly) hate us because their kids won’t stop singing our songs.

If you could give one tip of advice to others wanting to start a Youtube channel of their own, what would it be?

J – Pick what you want to do on YouTube and stay consistent with it! Viewers like knowing what kind of content to expect and when to expect it and in turn will keep coming back. Also, have fun!

M – Stay in school and become a lawyer.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

 J – Even though IFHT is comprised of Matt and myself we definitely haven’t made this journey alone. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to anyone who has dedicated their time to being in or helping with our projects in the past, they wouldn’t have turned out as well without you. Additionally, thank you to the fine folks at Rode Microphones for supporting us as well as YouTube for granting us a few once in a lifetime opportunities!

M – Jason still sleeps with a nightlight.


Be sure to check out and subscribe to IFHT’s Youtube Channel.


Interview by Jenny Nguyen-Don

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