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Vancouver Is Getting a New Magical Mini-Putt Golf Course

potion putt mini golf

Photos: @potionputt / Instagram

Putt putt is one thing, putt putt on the sauce is another, putt putt on the sauce in the dark, also known as Potion Putt wizard golf, qualifies you for Hogwarts.

The wizard worthy were probably who the purveyors of Potion Putt had in mind when they were developing this magical experience: a dark lit room with 9 wand-erful mini-putt holes complete with “smoking cauldrons, tasty beverages, and magical portals.”

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Potion Putt is scheduled to pop-up in Vancouver from June to October at a secret location in the city.

It’ll be a family-friendly event until 5 p.m. before switching to adults only for the remainder of the night. As part of the switch, the bar will serve “mystical” potions will alcohol. 

Additional information including dates, location and tickets will be announced soon. To be the first to know more about this event, sign up for our weekly newsletter.


Potion Putt

When: June 1 – October 31, 2022

Where: TBA

Admission: $15


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