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Vancouver Mayor Supports Trudeau Gun Ban Idea, As Guns Become Political Topic

Vancouver Gun Control

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Gun control has been a historically hot-button political topic in the U.S., but it’s become a political issue up here in Vancouver, too.

Last week, PM Justin Trudeau promised to introduce new gun control laws, upon re-election, that would ban and buy-back semi-automatic rifles. In addition, the Liberal Leader also promised to enable local municipalities to implement stricter limits on handguns.

In an appearance on CBC‘s As It Happens, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart showed support for Trudeau’s gun control proposal, both on the federal and local level.

“Handguns have no place in our city and I think a ban on handguns would give us a tool to make it a safer place. So when I heard that this was surfacing as an issue in the federal election, I thought I just wanted to voice my support for moving toward this”, Mayor Stewart told CBC.


Gun Control

Stewart added that while handguns may be needed out in the woods, they do not have a place in urban cities.

“If everybody knew there were no handguns in cities, then I think people would feel a lot safer and then, you know, you’d reduce the overall violent crime rate”, Stewart added.

Stewart’s comments came in the same week that saw 3 shootings take place within a 15-hour period in the Downtown Eastside.

This past weekend, two more shootings occurred.

According to the Globe and Mail, there were 249 gun-related homicides in Canada in 2018, a rate that has seen a 60% increase since 2014.

While gun control is less controversial in Canada compared to the U.S., not everyone is behind the idea. Some argue that gun control laws would accomplish little, since guns used in shootings are often illegally acquired, from places like the U.S..

As election season continues, expect each of the parties to address the topic. (Don’t be shocked to hear the Canadian Nationalist Party address it.)

Election Day in Canada is Monday, October 21st.

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