Nearly 90% of COVID-19 Fines in B.C. Have Been Disputed or Not Paid

covid-19 fines

Unpaid COVID-19 fines are piling up. 

Over $352,000 in COVID-19 fines have been issued in British Columbia. 377 total fines have been issued under both provincial laws and the federal Quarantine Act.

By the end of January, only 12% were paid, according to ICBC, and 51% of the fines are being disputed. 


COVID-19 Fines

Normally a person who is ticketed or fined has 30 days to pay that off or dispute it. After that point, ICBC can send it for collections. 

24% of the tickets issued were found to be “guilty” offences. Essentially this means it was past the 30-day due mark or the offender disputed it but didn’t show up to the scheduled court date. 

The remaining fines include cancelled tickets, tickets that led to a guilty judgement, or are still in-progress (meaning not paid or not disputed). 

Some believe those that were fined will not be paying any time soon…or ever.

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Do you think there should be more done to get these COVID-19 fines paid? Do you believe they will remain unpaid? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 


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