TransLink Is Finally Introducing Washrooms On Public Transit System


TransLink is moving forward with introducing washrooms on the Metro Vancouver public transit system.

On Thursday afternoon, TransLink’s Board of Directors announced that “an implementation strategy will be developed in 2019 to identify options for an approach, costs, and timeline for providing washrooms that meet the objectives and criteria in the policy with available resources”.


A TransLink Listens Panel survey was undertaken in February 2018 to gather input on the level of support for and potential impacts of increasing the availability of washrooms along the transit system. 72% of respondents indicated that “greater availability of washrooms would improve their transit experience”.

As for how these washrooms will be provided, the preferred option is for TransLink to partner with third-parties.

Key objectives considered in evaluating their options included maximizing the customer experience, maximizing safety and security for customers, minimizing costs and minimizing risks.

The policy review also stated that “customer washrooms along the network should be provided in a manner that makes facilities available to the most number of persons at key points along their transit journey, while balancing the need for coverage and finite budget resources”.

Washroom Facility Locations

The following options will be considered for washroom locations:

  • Activating or repurposing existing underutilized or vacant opportunity spaces within a passenger
    facility footprint to allow for a washroom facility.
  • Delivering washroom facilities within the passenger facility footprint as part of comprehensive
    station or transit exchange upgrade projects or the development of new passenger facilities.
  • Partnering with developers, municipalities, or private commercial parties to deliver or provide
    access to a washroom facility adjacent, or in close proximity, to the passenger facility footprint
    through the Adjacent and Integrated Development program or other initiatives and opportunities.

Currently, TransLink has washrooms at SeaBus terminals at both Waterfront Station and Lonsdale Quay, and on-board West Coast Express trains.

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