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Translink Is Considering Putting Washrooms At Skytrain Stations


While Vancouverites are somewhat accustomed to traveling without public washrooms, many aren’t enthusiastic about the experience.

Some stations are only in more remote areas. On the other hand, some are only close to washrooms that are exclusively for paying customers in businesses.

And, while the idea may seem outlandish to some, it is actually quite common around the world. In fact, most major cities have them. Although some involve a nominal fee to use, it certainly beats having no option, or being forced to pay for something more expensive that you don’t need in order to use a rest facility.

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Translink Considers Washrooms

At this time, the Seabus is only public transit station in the lower mainland that has a public washroom. While the others have the facilities, they are strictly for staff use.

Of course, there are other considerations, as well. Some travellers may have health issues that make washroom access more of a necessity, while mothers may need to change an infants diaper.

Whatever the reason, there are many strong arguments for public washrooms.

With this in mind, Translink must deal with some of the issues that surround the installation of the facilities. For one, there are numerous costs associated with building and maintaining them.

“TransLink currently does not have customer washrooms widely available,”Translink tells 604 Now. “Transit systems in North America that provide washrooms often struggle with safety and cleanliness concerns of customers and the high cost of maintenance for the transit agency. We have made provisions in some stations for the installation of washrooms should a future decision be made to provide washrooms to customers.”

In addition, drug users may start to use them. Similarly, other crimes could take place in the washrooms.

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