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TransLink Loses Millions A Month, As Company Seeks Emergency Funding

TransLink Strike Bus Service

photo: Juan M. Sanchez

As TransLink announced they are losing up to $75 million a month, the company is seeking emergency funding.

The transit company is looking for federal and provincial help and said without it, travellers may see “unprecedented cuts” to routes.

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“It’s a dire situation which will force us to cancel entire routes and significantly reduce service levels on all transit modes, meaning far longer wait times and much more crowding for customers,” said Kevin Desmond, TransLink’s CEO, in a news release.

TransLink has seen a severe reduce in ridership since mid-March, as Vancouverites are staying home during the pandemic. And the company hasn’t been collecting fares since March 20th, as it introduced entry by the back doors only.

The company has since reduced services for both trains and buses, but they are still in need of help from the government.

“On our current trajectory, we will face cashflow issues within weeks,” said Desmond.

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