Translink Introduces Free Bus Service In Response To Covid-19

TransLink Bus Services

In an effort to promote social distancing, Translink will ask riders to board buses using rear doors where possible.

Granted TransLink cannot collect cash fares at the rear doors, and some buses aren’t equipped with Compass Card readers at that entrance, the company is suspending fare collection on the bus system. Customers requiring mobility assistance can continue to use the front doors if needed.

The new policy will come into place on Friday, March 20.

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The move will also serve to protect Coast Mountain Bus Company operators. Translink has also increased cleaning and sanitization measures amid the the pandemic.

In addition, TransLink is rolling out the following changes:

  • Customers will not be able to use seats close to operators on certain buses.
  • Accelerating the installation of operator protection barriers on buses.
  • Customers will not be able to use seats close to crew on SeaBus vessels.
  • Launching an education campaign promoting hygiene and asking customers to allow extra space for fellow passengers and transit staff.

As extraordinary social distancing measures have been put into place across the region, TransLink has seen a significant decline in ridership. This means there are far fewer passengers using the system, which allows for greater social distancing.

Regular fares still apply on other TransLink modes such as Skytrain and SeaBus service.

Translink has not specified how long the free service will be available.

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