Tim Hortons Just Introduced 3 New Decadent “Dream Donuts” Across Canada

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Tim Hortons knows the secret to happiness is donuts and they’re making dreams come true with their all-new “dream donuts.”

They just unveiled three decadent treats you will want to sample ASAP.

Tim Hortons Dream Donuts

Screencap: Tim Hortons / YouTube

Dulce de Leche Creme

Try this new delicious offering, dusted with a sweet cinnamon sugar and filled with a creamy caramel.

Strawberry Confetti

Dig into this donut dipped in pink fondant that is finished with a strawberry icing swirl with brightly coloured confetti sprikled on top.

Chocolate Truffle

A chocolate lover’s dream come true. The donut is cut in half, filled with whipped chocolate and then topped off with a chocolate ganache and dark chocolate shavings.

These donut selections were first rolled out in Toronto, in their boutique “innovation cafe”, and now they will be available across Canada. The popular fast-food chain also recently introduced Timbits cereal, so maybe one day we’ll get timbit or cereal versions of these donuts.

Tim Hortons Dream Donuts

When: Available now

Where: Locations across Canada

Cost: $1.99 each

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