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Here Are All 114 Drinks You Can Try At The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

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Celebrating its 10th year, the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is returning and bringing 114 flavours with them.

This event is the first city-wide festival of its kind in the world and it celebrates in a big way. It’s bringing Vancouver’s best chocolatiers, pastry shops, bakeries, cafes, gelato and ice cream makers together in one spot.

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That includes 44 “chocstars,” each with their own drinks to present.

But with 114 flavours of hot chocolate, what possible concoctions could we see? Well, here’s what to expect.

The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

  • 49th Parallel Coffee + Lucky’s Doughnuts

“The Bee’s Knees” Lavender-infused hot chocolate. Served with a lavender and honey marshmallow cookie.

“Malted Milk Chocolate” Hot Chocolate made with caramelised and malted milk. Served with a butterscotch brownie sandwich.

  • 1931 Gallery Bistro

“Velvety Chocolate Overhol” Subtle banana and cardamom milk flavours blended with Callebaut dark chocolate. It is accompanied by a caramelized banana and espresso tart.

“Group of Seven” Features seven distinct chocolate elements on a  malted hot chocolate base. Served with a classic Mille-Feuille.


“Must-have for Gustav” This white hot chocolate infused with black pepper and yuzu goes down smooth while you enjoy pondering the cultural importance of Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss.’ Served with a trio of lime and candied ginger jellies. 

“Show Me the Monet” Pink Ruby Callebaut hot chocolate, complimented by rich parmesan and candied pecans. Accompanied by a white chocolate and pistachio-stuffed pretzel.

  • Baker and Table

“Japanese First Kiss” Callebaut Belgian hot chocolate and yuzu (Japanese citrus). Served with a ‘Lucky Cat’ Mochi Bun.

“Mt. Fuji Sakura Love” Callebaut white chocolate and macha with ‘Sakura Foam.’ Served with a ‘Sakura’ Mochi Bun. 

  • Beaucoup Bakery

“The Surrealist” A shot of white almond chocolate served in a cookie cup with a sable cookie spoon.

“Chocolate Playground” Rich hot chocolate served over Banana Foster ice cream – affogato style. Served with a Snickerdoodle cookie.

  • Bel Cafe

“Mount Doom” Consists of 70% Valrhona Guanaja dark chocolate, guajillo chili, dark chocolate whip, aerated chocolate and volcanic black salt. Served with a black macaron.

“Wascally Wabbit” A blend of 32% Valrhona Dulcey Blonde chocolate, warm spice and carrot whip. Served with a cream cheese truffle.

  • Bellaggio Cafe

“Fresh Me Up” Dark chocolate with a touch of mint syrup, a chocolate rim, whipped cream, mint leaves and mint ‘choco stick’ as a garnish.

“Rainbow Spiced” Peanut butter with white and dark chocolate, a sparkle rim, whipped cream, shaved white chocolate, cocoa powder and a cinnamon stick garnish.

“Marshmaholic” Dark chocolate, 1 oz orange brandy, 1 oz Baileys, a chocolate  rim, roasted marshmallows and white chocolate.

All of the above served with a choice of waffle with chocolate dipping sauce or a cream puff.

  • Bellaggio Canada Place

“Back to Canada Place” Roasted coconut and dark hot chocolate. Paired with a slice of gingerbread.

“Sweet or Salty?” Salted peanut butter and dark hot chocolate. Served with a pretzel and roasted marshmallows.

“Spicy Winter Night” Spiced hazelnut and rum liquor hot chocolate. Paired with dried chilli pepper.

  • Bella Gelateria

“Open Sesame” Michel Cluizel 45% milk chocolate with homemade black sesame paste, and a touch of sea salt. Paired with an amerena cherry gelato popsicle

“Funky Money” Michel Cluizel 72% dark chocolate with homemade banana flambe puree. Paired with an amerena cherry gelato popsicle.

“Purple Rain” Michel Cluizel white chocolate with homemade purple ube puree. Paired with an amarena cherry gelato popsicle.


  • Bjorn Bar Baker

“You Da B-Bomb” Dark chocolate ganache hot chocolate topped with mini b-bombs drizzled in chocolate.

“Eye of the Tiger”  Peanut butter milk chocolate ganache topped with whip cream and tiger bar bites.

  • Buddha-ful caffe + Glow Chocolates

“Twin Flame” White hot chocolate, saffron, orange, with cardamom dusted on top with shilajit. Served  with a GLOW chocolate heart.

“Ancient Wisdom” Raw dark chocolate with healing mushrooms and a light spice. Served with a GLOW chocolate heart.

  • Butter Baked Goods

“Absospeculoosly” dark chocolate flavoured with speculoos spices and topped with a speculoos marshmallow rolled in crushed speculoos cookies

“Happy Birthday Cake!” White chocolate base flavoured with pure vanilla and topped with a mini slice of Butter Birthday Cake…an Instagram moment in the making!

  • Cadeaux Bakery

“Cocoanut” A creamy, vegan-friendly, coconut milk-based, passionfruit dark hot chocolate. Served with your choice of pate de fruit (vegan). 

“Mum’s Apple Pie” Caramelized white chocolate and house made caramelized apple compote blended together with steamed milk. Served with a ‘pie crust’ snacking bar. 

“Where the Grass is Greener” Inspired by our milk tea addiction, this is a jasmine-infused, milk hot chocolate with grass jelly. Served with a pandan pistachio sable cookie.

“Queen of Tarts” A tart but sweet, pretty-in-pink, ruby hot chocolate, infused with apricot and pomegranate. Served with a Linzer Torte cookie.

  • Caffe Citadella

“Diwali’s Dream” An India-inspired hot chocolate made from a home made mix of spices blended with almond milk and dark chocolate. Served with a ginger cookie.

“Green Chan” White chocolate with organic matcha, cream and pudding. Served with a slice of shortbread.

“Calientito” Bittersweet chocolate mixed with milk, unsweetened coconut powder, vanilla, chili and cinnamon.  Served with a chocolate cookie. 

  • Cartems Donuts


“Donutmiso” A hot chocolate with dark roasted coffee, authentic Amaretto and a hint of nutmeg, Made with your choice of milk (Vegan if made with house made almond milk or Oat-ly oat milk). Served with an Almond Biscotti.

“Bananas Foster” A dark hot chocolate infused with fresh bananas and made with your choice of milk. (Vegan if made with house made almond milk or Oat-ly oat milk.) Served with a Spiced Rum Snickerdoodle (V). 

  • Chez Christophe

“Ruby Slippers” Ruby chocolate infused with delicate rose water. Paired with Ruby macadamia dragée.

“Golden Genie” A 34% Zéphyr hot chocolate combined with turmeric and topped with cinnamon.  Served with a macaron consisting of a chickpea and almond shell filled with a 35% Zephyr caramel cardamom ganache.

  • Chocolate Arts

“Rocky Road to Love” A bittersweet hot chocolate made with almond butter and topped with whipped cream, house-made chocolate marshmallows and a caramel drizzle. Served with Chocolate Arts’ signature candied almonds

“Apple of My Pie” A creamy hot chocolate featuring milk chocolate and apple topped with cinnamon-dusted whipped cream. Served with an aged cheddar sable.

“Chilly Chili Chai” A chipotle-spiked, chocolate chai, frozen parfait with hot chocolate. Served with a spiced shortbread.

  • Doughgirls

“Mayan Fire” Dark and Mexican chocolates and a secret blend of chilies, spices, masa, seeds and nuts. Served with a Mexican Chocolate Mole cookie and fresh orange.

“Zen Matcha” Combines the calming power of the matcha with the invigorating power of chocolate to bring comfort to the body. Served with  a ‘Black Sesame Shortbread’ and  ‘Sweet Yam Surprise.’


  • Earnest Ice Cream

“Bohemian Raspberry” Our house made raspberry marshmallow drenched in a rich raspberry hot chocolate. Topped with raspberry amaretto whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate shavings.

“Let’s Get the Cardi Started” Inspired by our cardamom ice cream, this sweet, milk hot chocolate is delicately spiced with organic and fair trade cardamom. Paired with our classic Pecan Cinnamon Swirl ice cream.

“Orange You Glad it’s Hot Chocolate” A decadent, rich orange dark hot chocolate made with oat milk. Paired with a house-made, light and fluffy, orange tea cake with hints of candied ginger. 

  • East Van Roasters

“Trip to Lachua” A cardamom-infused Guatemala drinking chocolate. Served with a Champurradas (corn cookie).

“Tanzanian Dream” Tanzania drinking chocolate with cinnamon and vanilla in cashew and rice milk. Served with a Tanzania chocolate square with puffed rice inclusion.

“Chocolate Cremoso Especiado” Dominican Republic chocolate infused with ginger and cloves in coconut milk. Served with dulce de leche and plantain.

  • Eternal Abundance

“5 O’Clock Shadow” Black sesame white hot chocolate. Paired with a black sesame shortbread cookie. Drink and treat made from all organic ingredients.

“Proud Mary Burnin'” Salted rosemary hot chocolate. Paired with a lemon rosemary shortbread cookie. Drink and treat made from all organic ingredients.

  • Everbean Cafe

“Lucky Orange (Gong Xi Fa Cai)” ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ is a celebratory hot chocolate crafted with house made Mandarin orange-infused chocolate sauce, and packed with plenty of good wishes for a prosperous New Year. It is paired with a fortune cookie dipped in  orange-infused chocolate then coated with sprinkles of pop rock candy to reminisce the crackling of Chinese New Year firecrackers.

“Diablo Rose” The first sip leads with an intriguing rose aroma followed by a lingering sweet-spicy chili  finish, all the while tempting the taste buds as a rich and decadent beverage. Paired with house-made vegan chocolate brownie drizzled with rose glaze and garnished with rose petals and finishing salt.

  • Gem Chocolates

“Needle In a Haystack” Dark hot chocolate topped with a pile of chocolate “hay-like” shavings. Served with a coconut haystack treat.

“Come to the Dark Side – Darth Vader Returns!” Hot chocolate drink adorned with a chocolate Darth Vader image.

“Rock’em Sock’em Ginger” This hot dark chocolate beverage uses ginger and cherry for a blast of flavours. Paired with a ginger snap cookie.


  • Glenburn Soda Fountain

“Get the Green Light” Callebaut dark chocolate hot chocolate with creme de menthe flavour. Paired with a ‘traffic light’ sugar cookie.

“Westward Ho-cho” Sarsaparilla-infused Callebaut milk hot chocolate. Served with a mini smoked almond butter tart.

“Split Personality” Banana-infused Callebaut milk hot chocolate, strawberry whipped cream. Served with a pineapple donut from Royal City Donuts.

“Hob-nobbing” Oat milk hot chocolate made with dark Callebaut chocolate. Served alongside house-made Hobnob cookies.

  • Honolulu Coffee  

“Aloha Macs” Dark Chocolate ganache with steamed Macadamia milk, a hint of Macadamia nut and topped with crushed roasted Macadamia Nuts. Paired with house-made Lilikoi (Passionfruit) Macadamia Nut Butter Cookies.

“Brok Da Mout” Dark chocolate, hibiscus ginger tea, ginger with honey, steamed coconut milk, with a trace of cardamom. Paired with house-made Coconut Chocolate Biscotti.

  • Koko Monk

“Scent of Spring” Vegan wild sage dark chocolate with mint and orange. Paired with Lemongrass and Mango Praline.

“Tied and Tickled” Banana and walnut white hot chocolate with rose. Paired with Passion Fruit Praline.

“Mood For Love” Silver tip jasmine white hot chocolate with ginger and pear. Paired with Rum Truffle.

“The Light of Syllables” Spicy ginger and chai tea dark hot chocolate with cardamom. Paired with a Passion Fruit Praline.

  • La Glace

“Cocoa Gouter” Hot dark chocolate topped with a hazelnut and cocoa meringue rosette. Served with a petit pain brioche loaf and Nutella.

“Sucre Sel” Hot dark chocolate topped with whipped cream, golden maldon salt and white chocolate crispy pearls. Served with a mini salted caramel ganache tart.

“Amethyst Kiss” Violet-infused white hot chocolate, sprinkled with flower petals. Served with a violet and cassis sherbet, mini waffle cone.

  • Laduree

“Marie Antoinette” Valrhona Opalys 33% white chocolate infused with Marie-Antoinette Tea, Chantilly cream, and Marie-Antoinette décoration. Served with a macaron, infused with Marie Antoinette Tea (marriage of black tea from China and India, rose petals, citrus and honey).

“Laduree Amanda D’amour” Valrhona almond couverture chocolate, chantilly cream and caramelized almond. Served with a choice of one of the four flavours of chocolate-covered macarons.

  • Mink Chocolates

“Don’t Bug Me” A 54% cacao oat milk hot chocolate garnished with Canadian-farmed whole roasted crickets. Served with two mini milk and dark chocolate bars.

“The Legend of Daryl Hannah” A Cacao Barry 34% Zephyr white sipping chocolate served with organic white sturgeon caviar and a “Mermaid’s Choice” chocolate bar. Note: This drink will sell for $98.

  • Mon Paris Patisserie

“Maemoiselle Jasmine” Dark chocolate infused with strawberry and jasmine tea.Served with a white flower and chocolate strawberry.

“The Ruby” Ruby chocolate infused with raspberry puree and rooibus tea. Served with goji berry cluster. 

“Sesame Sesame” White hot chocolate infused with matcha and  black sesame. Served with a black sesame tuille. 

  • Musette Caffe

“Mark Levendish” A honey-lavender dark hot chocolate. Served with a side of lavender biscotti and honey marshmallows.

“Are You For Cereal” A cinnamon-spiced, milk chocolate  and caramel hot chocolate infused with cereal milk. Served with a side of home-made cinnamon toast crunch. 

“Dat Cookie Dough” A white hot chocolate infused with chocolate chip cookie milk. Served with a side of white chocolate cookie dough fudge. 

  • Nelson The Seagull 

“African Sunset” Hot chocolate infused with rooibos tea. Served with a South African buttermilk rusk cookie.

“Feeling Salty” Peanut butter hot chocolate. Served with a house-made, salted peanut butter cup.

“Deep Chocolate Dreams” A spicy hot chocolate. Served with a fudgey, salted, chocolate rye cookie.

“I Figgin’ Love You” Hot chocolate infused with aniseed. Served with a fig and almond treat. 

  • Origo Club

“Yin”A creamy dark hot chocolate blend, infused with aromatic earl grey. Served with a buttery madeleine.

“Yang” A unique, bright and smooth yuzu blonde hot chocolate. Served with a buttery madeleine.

“Yin-Yang” Creamy dark earl grey hot chocolate is mixed with yuzu blonde hot chocolate. Served with a couple of buttery madeleines. 

  • Passione Gelato

“Dear Summer, I Miss You” Organic coconut milk and coconut sugar with Valrhona single origin Itakuja 55% dark chocolate, double fermented with passion fruit pulp. Paired with “To Die For” vegan Powerball.

“West Coast Winter” Valrhona Alpaco, Canadian organic maple syrup infused with orange zest from California. Paired with our limited edition gelato ‘Grand Marnier.”

“The Magnificent” Dark chocolate, spirulina, spelt milk. This hot chocolate is packed with nutrients and proteins that will give you the energy to get through the day. Paired with “To Die For ” vegan Lemon Loaf.

“Kakawa” Hot Choclate mixed with Valrhona single-origin Tulakalum and ancient spices. Paired with our limited edition sorbetto, ‘Passionfruit-Earl Grey’.

  • Perverted Ice Cream

“Young, Dumb(er) and Full of Kumquat” Kumquat and yuzu white hot chocolate featuring Callebaut Blanc Satin. Served with Dark and Stormy lime and rum popcorn.

“Pick Me Up!” Tiramisu-inspired hot chocolate with espresso and Callebaut 811 Dark Chocolate. Served with chocolate cup, mascarpone whipped cream and a Lady Finger.

  • Sciue Italian Bakery 

“Cannoli Coccolosi” Dark chocolate with Vanilla Vodka, milk, chocolate sauce, scrambled cannoli shell and whipped cream. Served with a cannolo filled with vanilla ricotta and chocolate chips.

“Tiramisu Mocha” Dark chocolate, coffee shots, milk, mascarpone whipped cream and llady fingers. Served with a piece of hand made Tiramisu.

  • Soirette Pastry Boutique

“The Tipsy Unicorn” Cheering on the Unicorn with a Strawberry and Peach Schnapps hot chocolate featuring Cacao Barry Zephyr 34% and topped with house-made Cotton Candy. Served with a ‘Peach Sparkle’ macaron.

“What the Llama” Peruvian-inspired, mango dark hot chocolate made with Cacao Barry Alto el Sol 65% from Peru. Served with a ‘Pineapple Surprise’ alfajores.

“Hot Yoda” Increase your midi-chlorian intake and feel the force with this Hojicha milk hot chocolate made with Organic Hojicha tea and Cacao Barry Alunga 41%. Served with a chocolate frog. 

  • Swiss Bakery

“Stop!” A fiery pink, ruby cacao chocolate, bursting with bright berry notes and erupting with explosive, hibiscus berry whipped cream. Paired with a spicy red velvet ‘Love Bite’.

“Drop!” 65% bittersweet French dark chocolate infused with roasted chestnut and zesty cinnamon suggestions. Paired with a chocolate orange truffle bomb.

“Roll!” Belgian white chocolate, soothed with calming ginger and coconut milk. Paired with a classic crispy wafer tuille roll.

  • Thierry Chocolates

“Taste of Peru” Made with Marañón Chocolate’s unique Fortunato No. 4, a 68% dark chocolate from Peru. Served with a chocolate tablette and coconut sable. 

“Orange Almond Dip & Sip”A 68% Nyangbo dark chocolate blended with almond praline. Served with mandarin orange pâte de fruit and an orange zest meringue. 

  • Thomas Haas Chocolates

“Black Forest in a Cup” A 67% dark hot chocolate with Black Forest kirsch chantilly and brandied cherry. Served with a baked chocolate truffle.

“Love is in the Air” A 49% milk hot chocolate infused with raspberry and luscious lychee. Served with  a seducing bittersweet chocolate brownie. 

  • Trafiq Cafe & Bakery

“Elysium” Saffron, honey and milk chocolate.Paired with an almond, saffron, honey and cardamom mini.

“Arcadia” Rose, raspberry and white chocolate. Paired with a blondie, guanabana, raspberry-rose mini.

“Eden” Praline-orange hot chocolate with hazelnut, Cacao Barry Guyaquil 64% bitter-sweet chocolate and a hint of orange blossom. Paired with L’Orange Petit Four. 

“Nirvana” Hibiscus and 65% bitter-sweet chocolate. Paired with a chocolate hibiscus opera mini. 

  • Uno Gelato

“Cioccolato Rosa” Ruby chocolate topped with homemade whipped cream and decorated with gold flakes. Paired with a Black Currant macaron.

“Cappadocia” 72% chocolate mixed with local red wine from Township 7. Accompanied by a delicious Coconut macaron.

The Hot Chocolate Festival runs this year from Jan 18 – Feb 14. What flavour are you most looking forward to?

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