Decreased Commute Times & 6 Other Benefits Of The New Surrey Langley SkyTrain

Surrey Langley SkyTrain

TransLink’s plan to extend the Expo Line along Fraser Highway from King George Station to Langley Centre has taken another step forward.

A new website has been launched by TransLink for the Surrey Langley SkyTrain project.

The website says that this new public transportation project will “transform Surrey and Langley into connected, complete and livable communities, making the cities and the region more vibrant, accessible, competitive and sustainable”.

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The benefits of such a project are huge.

Decreased commute times is one of the biggest advantages of this extension. The SkyTrain extension will connect commuters travelling between Langley and Surrey as well as the broader region, providing commuters with a frequent, reliable and convenient mode of rapid transit.

The estimated travel time on the Surrey to Langley extension will be 22 minutes. TransLink expects the new SkyTrain extension will see 200,000 daily boardings by the year 2041.

Other benefits of the TransLink SkyTrain extension are:

  • Reduce congestion – More people using public transit means fewer vehicles on the road.
  • Transform communities – More transit options provide choice for commuters and helps create more livable communities.
  • Protect the environment – SkyTrain runs on electricity with no operating emissions, reducing greenhouse gases and the region’s dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Create economic growth and jobs – Major transit infrastructure projects help grow our economy by spurring development and land-use change, and creating diverse jobs opportunities.
  • Meet Federal, Provincial and regional goals – Improve transit to help facilitate sustainable regional growth.
  • Assure reliability and safety – With grade-separated tracks, travel times remain consistent. TransLink’s on-time performance rate for SkyTrain is 95% or better!

Axed Surrey LRT Project

The 17-kilometre stretch of SkyTrain will replace previous plans for the Surrey light rail transit (LRT) that was strongly opposed by Surrey’s new city council.

Immediately after being sworn into office, Surrey City Council convened a Regular Council meeting where a motion was introduced and passed to cancel the Surrey Newton Guildford LRT project and to begin work on extending the existing SkyTrain network in Surrey from King George Station to Langley City.

Back in October of last year, it was also reported that the federal government is willing to reallocate the $483.8M it has already committed to the LRT towards a new SkyTrain.

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