Surrey Mayor-Elect Doug McCallum Plans To Cancel LRT Project

Surrey City Council

This past Saturday, Surrey residents ushered in a new era of politics for their city.

Surrey Mayor-elect Doug McCallum won 40% of the votes to become the new leader of the city. Not to mention, McCallum was once Surrey’s previous incumbent (1999 and 2002 elections).

One of the first issues he’s looking to tackle within the city is the scrutinized light rail transit (LRT) project. He’s made it clear from the start that he’ll cancel the project and focus on extending the SkyTrain to Langley.


It’s fair to assume many will back Doug McCallum’s decision, and he’s even received public support on the move from Vancouver’s Mayor-elect Kennedy Stewart.

On the contrary, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie has publicly stated he will not support a SkyTrain line to Langley.

Surrey LRT Project

The proposed LRT project is promoted to provide modern, street-level light rail transit along King George Boulevard and 104 Avenue. However, it would reduce road space for cars, among other notable issues.

If Surrey’s new Mayor is able to extend the elevated rapid transit SkyTrain throughout the city, it will come at a high cost. As it stands, the option will cost nearly double the projected $1.65-billion budgeted for the LRT.

The region’s 21 Mayors continuously work together on transit and plenty of turmoil is expected as a result of new faces coming in following the municipal elections.

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