‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ Eclipse Shines Bright Over B.C. (Photos)

blood moon

The highly anticipated Super Blue Blood Moon rose to the skies over the world earlier this morning and was a sight to see from B.C.

This was the first time the lunar phenomenon has occurred in 150 years, and a lot of science went into making it happen.

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The celestial event is dubbed a blue moon because it’s the second full moon within the same month. It was also a blood moon because it passed through the Earth’s shadow, giving it a red hue as a result. To top it off, it was a super moon as well because it turned full at the closest point to Earth in its orbit, appearing bigger and nearly 15 percent brighter.

Local photographers seized the moment and took to social media to share their photos:

#superbloodbluemooneclipse now in “HD”

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