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Strawberry Moon And Saturn To Dazzle Metro Vancouver Skies on June 27

Strawberry moon

Photo: okv_pix / Instagram

While British Columbians were privy to a great deal of celestial manifestations earlier this year, things have slowed down lately; however, that all changes on June 27, when a brilliant strawberry moon will glow overhead.

Also known as the mead moon, honey moon, and full rose moon, this magnificent full moon celebrates the beginning of strawberry picking season.

Of course, the moon won’t exude the deep, juicy red colour of a ripe strawberry. Instead, it will cast a delicate amber glow, and you’ll have to use your imagination to draw out the pinker hues.

With that in mind, it is still a beautiful spectacle, and it comes along with another, perhaps more spectacular sighting.

Strawberry Moon and Saturn

The ringed-planet, Saturn, will be in its closest position to the Earth at the same time. Arguably the most breathtaking planet, it will appear much brighter and bigger than usual.

In order to see the moon most clearly, stargazers should opt to travel outside of city limits; light pollution from the city lights obscures the view. One great spot is Porteau Cove, a provincial park about halfway in between Vancouver and Squamish. In addition, higher elevations provide optimal vantage points to avoid lights below.


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