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A Stolen Teddy Bear, With Recording Of A Dying Mother’s Voice, Has Been Returned

Photo: @drawmaradraw / Twitter

After receiving local, international and celebrity attention, Mama Bear has been found.

A Vancouver woman recently asked for help after her teddy bear, given to her by her dying mother, had been stolen.

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Mara Soriano lost it four days ago, when someone stole her backpack, while she was moving in West Vancouver.


The Build-A-Bear held a recording within it from her mother who had died of cancer last year. In the message, Soriano’s mother said she loved her daughter and would always be there with her. Soriano had kept the bear and said she listened to its message whenever she missed her mother.

After it went missing, Vancouver actor Ryan Reynolds offered a $5,000 reward for anyone who returned it. Celebrity Kelly Ripa also took to social media to ask for its return.

Finally, on Tuesday, Soriano received an email from a man who said he had information about the bear’s whereabouts. She called a reporter from CBC News, who originally broke the story, and had the bear sent to their headquarters.

Soriano said she gave the man who returned the bear an undisclosed amount of money, “as collateral,” hoping the full reward from others would come through.

“She’s home,” said Soriano to CBC News. “I didn’t think she would come back, but she did.”

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