Almost 2/3 Boards of Directors In Canada Include No Women, Report Finds

All male Canadian boards

Of more than 10,000 boards of directors in Canada, more than half were comprised of all men from 2016-2017, found a new study.

Statistics Canada looked at boards of directors across Canada in government, public and private sectors to study how many of them included women.

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It showed 61.7% had zero women on those boards in 2016 and that number slightly declined in 2017 to 61.2%.

However, the number of seats held by women overall did increase in 2017 from the year prior. In 2016, 17.8% of boards had female directors, while 2017 had 18.1%. Still, the numbers conclude that less than a fifth of women held director seats across the country.

Women are also more visible in Government business entities than public or private Canadian boards, the study shows.

Overall, about 28% of corporations in 2017 had one woman on the board, while about 11.1% had more than one woman that year.

So while White Rock RCMP may have the highest percentage of female officers in Canada, the business industry in the rest of Canada still has a ways to go.

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