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Starbucks is Temporarily Banning Reusable Mugs, Due to Coronavirus Fears


Photo: Starbucks Canada

As the number of Coronavirus cases continue to rise, Starbucks is doing what it can to take extra precautions.

The coffee chain announced Wednesday, they will be taking several cautionary measures to prevent the possible spread of the Coronavirus.

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And that means the company is temporarily banning the use of reusable mugs.

“We are pausing the use of personal cups and ‘for here’ ware in our stores,” wrote Starbucks executive vice-president Rossann Williams.

The new rule is in contrast to the company’s recent sustainability plan, where Starbucks planned to make several changes to cut down on their environmental impact.

Part of that plan includes adding more plant-based options.

The company usually offers a 10 cent discount for those who bring their own mugs into the shop. The chain said they will still honour that deal, but customers will get a disposable cup instead.

Starbucks said it will also step up its cleaning and sanitization in all its stores.

Canada so far has 34 cases of the Coronavirus, with four announced in B.C. on Tuesday.

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