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Murder Of Crows Ambush Eagle For Attacking Seagull At Spanish Banks (Video)

Spanish Banks

Photo: Luke McAdam / YouTube

There was some peculiar “fowl” play taking place on Canada Day at Spanish Banks.

Notorious for stalking and dive-bombing, a murder of crows executed an attack on a bald eagle on Sunday, July 1st. The eagle, however, may have been asking for it. Prior to the crow fight, the feathered predator was observed attacking a small seagull.

Of course, it is difficult to ascertain whether the ambush was exacted for bird camaraderie. Perhaps the crows had a different reason for ganging up on the eagle; however, it certainly seemed that they were defending the sea-faring gull.

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Spanish Banks Bird Fight

Luke McAdam posted a video of the sky-high combat to his YouTube account, which conveys the tense atmosphere at the scene. Indeed, the crowd screamed during the fight, and seemed to be pulling for the seagull’s safety.

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