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Gang Of Peacocks In Surrey Enters Mating Season, Wreaks Havoc On Residents

Surrey Peacocks

Last month, a homeowner in Surrey’s Sullivan Heights neighbourhood made headlines when he cut down a tree filled with peacocks.

While there is no exact figure, and it may vary from time to time, reports say 40 – 150 peacocks reside in the area. As a result, many people consider the birds a nuisance.

Specifically, residents say they emit an incredibly loud noise, and leave droppings everywhere.

With that being said, not everyone felt the colourful flock was a nuisance. In fact, some describe them as majestic, or even royal. Of course, they are beautiful, and somewhat of a novelty in Surrey.

Surrey Peacocks: Mating Season

Now, the issue has surfaced again, because residents say another neighbour is feeding the birds. And, to make matters worse, it is mating season for the fowl, making them even more of a nuisance.

“They can see their reflection in it really well and right now it’s mating season, so when they look at the car they see [the reflection] as a competing male,” resident Ryan Cragg told Global News.

Owing this, they’ve caused damage to myriad cars in the neighbourhood; residents report that they’ve inflicted thousands of dollars worth of damage to expensive vehicles.

The City of Surrey is contacting other cities that have experienced similar issues with peafowl, in order to determine what action to take going forward.


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