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Interactive Map Flags Common Crows Attack Areas In Metro Vancouver

An instructor at Langara College has created an interactive map showing crow attacks across Metro Vancouver.

Although it may seem like a random issue—it’s a lot more common than you would think.

The map allows people who were attacked by the birds to click on it and mark the location they were struck at.

Since launching the map CrowTrax, over 300 people have filed entries saying they had been attacked by crows.

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It was created to show that the birds can be aggressive, especially during Spring—which is the start of their nesting season.

metro-vancouver-crow-attackscrow attacks across metro Vancouver

Nesting season occurs from April to July and it’s common for crows to dive-bomb those who walk by their nests, in order to protect their babies. On the contrary, there are a few calm crews in Vancouver including one who likes to ride the skytrain.

Click here for more information and/or a live version of the map.

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