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You Can Snorkel With Smiling Beluga Whales On This Canadian Adventure

Beluga Whales

Canada is home to some of the most incredible wildlife experiences in the world. Whether it’s on land or sea, the nation houses some of the most rare opportunities to come up close and personal with nature.

On the west coast, British Columbia affords one of the only opportunities in the world to dive cage-free with six-gill sharks off of the coast of Hornby island. And, lucky travellers can witness the epic migration of thousands of caribou through the mountains on horseback.

While these adventures are thrilling, there’s something particularly magical about the offerings in Churchill, Manitoba.

Not only do they offer an up-close-and-personal encounter with polar bears, but they also provide thrilling snorkeling and scuba diving expeditions with beluga whales.

While the title of the activity says it all, the experience is hard to put into words.

Of course, they are adorable. With sweet faces that appear to consistently dawn captivating smirks, simply seeing them is delightful. Yet, the way that the move, freely twirling and tumbling in the cold waters, invokes profound wonder.


Beluga Whales in Churchill

Not only are these marine ghosts hauntingly graceful, but they travel in packs of thousands.

That’s right. These aquatic creatures travel in impressive armies, and you can catch them in the Churchill River during the summer months.

Travel tip: Don’t forget your wet suit! It may be summer, but they come prepared with ample blubber to keep out the chill. The river is still very chilly and you won’t be in it long without one.

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