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High Risk Sex Offender Plans to Call Vancouver Home, Police Warn

Sex Offender

Brenden Billy is a convicted sex offender who was released from prison on August 27th after a 15 year stay for committing multiple crimes.

The man was charged and convicted of breaking and entering, and then sexually assaulting two elderly women on two separate accounts in Squamish.

VPD Warn: Sex Offender Likely To Reoffend

While he was released, police are warning that he is not rehabilitated. In fact, the VPD have stated that he is both violent and likely to reoffend.

In addition to the crimes that he just served time for, CTV News reports that, “documents show he’d served time prior to his federal offences in provincial jail, and had a history of sexual assaults against both adult and juvenile women including strangers and individuals he knew.”


Authorities say he’s had history of intergenerational trauma throughout his life and is very unstable.

He is described by police as “43-year-old indigenous man, 5’7″ and approximately 180 lbs. He has short, dark, spiked re-ceding hair line and the name “Lorna” tattooed on the right side of his neck.”

Anyone who witnesses him violating the terms of his parole is urged to call police immediately at 911.

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