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Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse (Jughead) In Heated Exchange With Vancouver Busker

Cole Spruce

Photo: YouTube

Riverdale’s action is as electric off as it is on screen.

On Wednesday night of July 12th the hit TV show was filming scenes at the Vancouver Art Gallery when production was disrupted by the vocal stylings of a local Vancouver busker on the corner of Robson and Hornby.

A couple of people tried to get the woman to stop playing so that the crew could finish filming, but she continued to play, and apparently grew even louder.

Two of the shows main characters, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, who play Jughead and Betty respectively, came storming off set in full costume to tell the performer to quiet down.

In the video, the busker points out that they’ve came to her regular place of business, where she can be found performing everyday in that exact location.

“So you can’t call me a scam artist because you guys came into where I perform,” she explains to Spruce as he tells her to refrain from singing.

It appears that the busker continued to play in spite of the requests from the cast and crew, but that the negative sentiment carried on well past the initial interaction.


In a fan video captured after the initial exchange, Sprouse is shown releasing his anger by breaking one of the busker’s CDs in half that a fan purchased for him.

The cathartic snap is then followed by a round of applause and cheers from fans.

What are your thoughts on the heated exchange? Who do you think was in the right?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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