Riverdale Cast Spotted Filming In Delta Earlier This Week

Sneak peeks of Riverdale are coming your way, with the cast and crew of the popular dark Netflix tv series in full filming action.

On March 2nd, Ladner Village in Delta was transformed into the set of Riverdale. The streets became almost unrecognizable as they got turned into the streets of North Side, with characters such as Jughead and FP Jones, Archie, Reggie, Mayor McCoy, and members of the Serpents.

The Ladner post office was turned into the Sheriff’s office. Meanwhile, MLA Ian Paton’s office was reimagined as the Riverdale Chamber of Commerce. The rest of season two involves a re-election of Mayor, with the Lodges running for head of the town.


The popular Netflix show will be back on March 8th with new episodes, stay tuned!

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