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Explore The Treasure-Filled Coastlines of Rebecca Spit Marine Park

Driftwood Sasquatch

Photo: @zed.and.barney / Instagram

Located on Quadra Island on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, Rebecca Spit Marine Park has beautiful coastlines made for you to explore.

A sandspit is a landform, usually a narrow stretch of land, where soil, rocks, and sediments build up naturally due to the geology, and also geometry, of the area.

Rebecca Spit
Photo: @dmkenney / Instagram

Rebecca Spit Marine Park is a sandspit, and because of that, waves will often bring objects onto its coastlines. It’s known for a large accumulation of driftwood, but every now and then you might be able to come across the odd trinket or object.

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The sandspit is 2-kilometres long, with coastlines on both edges, and the provincial park it’s a part of covers 177-hectares.

Quadra Island
Photo: BC Parks

Wandering the coastlines isn’t all there is to do, however.

You can canoe, paddle-boat, kayak, or wind-surf around the bay, or even partake in a boat lunch.

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Overlooking Drew Harbour, Quadra Island also has great waters for cold-water scuba-diving, with dive tours available to be booked.

On land, the park is made up of tremendous scenery, great for hiking and biking. Picnic tables and toilets are also littered around the area. Just keep an eye out for the Driftwood Sasquatch.

Driftwood Sasquatch
Photo: @zed.and.barney / Instagram

Rebecca Spit Marine Provincial Park is on Quadra Island, which is in the Discovery Islands between Mainland B.C. and Vancouver Island.

It’s located just south of Heriot Bay, and a 10-minute ferry ride away from Campbell River.

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